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BB&M A/C and Heating offers competitive rates on regular maintenance plans and can service your HVAC unit no matter what make or model.


The best way to avoid AC problems in your home or business is regular AC maintenance and service. In San Antonio, TX, the very last thing you want to deal with is expensive AC repairs or even replacement, especially during the sweltering summer months.

You can avoid this nightmare with regular service or maintenance from BB&M A/C and Heating. Avoid inflated heating and cooling costs, along with expensive repairs and replacements with a simple service call to BB&M A/C and Heating.

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AC Tune Up in San Antonio, TX

Due to about twice a year, AC maintenance is an essential part of keeping your heating and cooling system in good shape. Even if your system seems to be working fine, a maintenance or service visit by one of our technicians can discover and pinpoint minor issues before they become major ones. BB&M A/C and Heating offers competitive rates on regular maintenance plans and can service your HVAC unit no matter what make or model.


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At BB&M A/C and Heating, we know how important regular maintenance is for the life of your HVAC unit. We are proud to offer competitive maintenance plans that will keep your home or office at the right temperature year-round. Please contact us today.

AC Service in San Antonio, TX

When BB&M arrives at your home or business for regularly scheduled maintenance, you might be curious as to what they are actually doing. Generally, they are looking at eight main pieces of your HVAC system:

 Your drain lines and pan can become clogged with debris over time, and this can cause an overflow of the water that runs through the system. We do a spot check for any clogs

Motors, vents, and other pieces of your HVAC can break down, restricting airflow. We check the airflow through your whole system for issues

As the blades on your outdoor unit spin, they can get dirty. We make sure they are spotless and spinning as they should.

Refrigerant is the substance running through your AC’s coils that removes the heat and humidity from the air. As holes form in the refrigerant lines, your unit can leak this essential fluid. We check for any cracks or leaks.

Sometimes, your HVAC controls are just set incorrectly. We check the whole system to make sure everything is set correctly.

AC units have evaporator coils that remove the heat from the air and condenser coils that release the heat outside your home. As these work, they can become coated with dirt, reducing their effectiveness. We make sure they are sparkling clean.

We inspect every piece of your HVAC to check for worn or broken parts, as one vital component breaking can shut your entire system down.

Worn or loose wiring can kcnock your system offline quickly, so we make sure all connections are healthy and unfraved.

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AC Repair

The summers in San Antonio, TX, are famously sweltering, and a working AC system in your home or business is basically as essential as the walls, roof, and floors.

Air Filtration, Purification, & Dehumidifiers

At BB&M, you might think we are all about the temperature of the air in your home or business. We are, but we offer so much more than just that.

CO & Gas Leak Inspection

Carbon monoxide and a gas leak are extremely serious problems that can have devastating consequences if not discovered and repaired.

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