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We are a family company, where we want to convey the message that family is the most precious treasure for any human being.  That’s where our name BB&M comes from.  The initials of three children who stole the heart of a father, who has been making many families happy through his air conditioning services.  Achieving with a lot of effort to fulfill his dreams of having his own business calling it BB&M.

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Hire a Reliable HVAC Contractor in San Antonio, TX

When you need help with your heating and cooling systems, you want to know that you’re getting the best service at a fair price. At BB & M AC & Heating, LLC, we are your trusted HVAC contractor committed to providing you with the most reliable service possible and ensuring that your home is safe and comfortable all year round.

We’re a local San Antonio, TX, company with nine years of experience in the field. We provide residential services across the city, including air conditioning repair and furnace replacement. We speak Spanish and understand how important it is for you to communicate directly with our technicians so that they can explain the whole problem and how they plan to solve it. We take pride in our transparency about pricing every job is priced fairly, so there are no hidden fees or surprises later down the line. Let us know what’s going on with your system today!

A/C and Heating

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AC Service & Tune-Up

The best way to avoid AC problems in your home or business is regular AC maintenance and service.

AC Repair

The summers in San Antonio, TX, are famously sweltering, and a working AC system in your home or business is basically as essential as the walls, roof, and floors.

Air Filtration, Purification, & Dehumidifiers

At BB&M, you might think we are all about the temperature of the air in your home or business. We are, but we offer so much more than just that.

What people say

Amazing job that Fernando and his partner did. Didn't realize the blower motor had been out and why the system would not turn on all the way. Thank you again for the quick diagnosis and response time was amazing! You guys rock and will be sending everyone I know to your company!!!
Leslie G.
Leslie G.
Fernando and his team have always been available when I needed my AC unit serviced, replaced or checked out. He’s honest and dependable every time. I’ve needed his HVAC services several times for emergencies over the past 4 years in the Summer and Winter times; he has never failed to accommodate and always provides professional, affordable work.
Jessica Gutierrez
Jessica Gutierrez
I’ve been thrown around to several different companies by insurance because my heater seems to require too much work, but glad these guys are now helping me out. My heater has been inconsistently working and they continue to troubleshoot to find the source of the issue. Still working with them and hoping I won’t need to bug them much longer. 🙂 Update: My heater is now fixed! I had to work through home warranty which is an issue on its own, but BB&M continued to have patience and never lacked communication throughout the process. Definitely recommend.
Jasmine Maldonado
Jasmine Maldonado
One of the best companies in town, best customer service I’ve had from any other AC company that I’ve ever had service from, I recommend this company to anyone that needs exceptional help with any AC and Heating problems.
Julian Villanueva
Julian Villanueva
Fernando is the owner of this establishment. He was very knowledgeable what I like the most about their service is he explained exactly what was going on and what needed to be done. I enjoyed his honesty and willingness to solve the problem. I highly recommend him he is one of, the few honest and fair technicians that I have dealt with. I highly recommend him and will be asking for him again when services are needed for my HVAC system.
Thirty minutes after my heater's motor went out, when it was freezing cold, I might add, they were at my door ready to work. It needed a new motor. That same day they had gone to a warehouse somewhere, bought it, and drove back to my place. It was late, but that's to be expected when they already had work scheduled during the business hours. So at 7pm, when I thought for sure they would be at home enjoying dinner like most people, they were at my place making sure I didn't freeze my butt off under a mountain of blankets. Good guys.
Geovany Beer
Geovany Beer
Superb Service. Outstanding guest relations and above the rest!
Jorge Peña
Jorge Peña
Fernando was able to fit me into his busy Sunday last notice. Very clean and professional. Saved my family from a 90 degree day without A/C.

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